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We have expanded our office to accommodate our commercial department.  The property above the current office has been totally refurbished into bespoke offices which will link in to the existing office.  The new offices will  give us the capacity to employ further staff in the future.

Our very own Craig has WON the Broker Apprentice 2016!! in conjunction with Insurance Age and LV Insurance.  Well done Craig!!  We are all very proud of you!

What is Broker Apprentice?


Broker Apprentice 2016 is a competition open to young Insurance Brokers across the UK, organised by Insurance Age and sponsored by LV=. The programme aims to showcase the skills and drive behind the candidates in an engaging, innovative and fast-paced way.


The challenge is to find the best young talent the UK has to offer in the insurance industry while simultaneously promoting the Insurance Broking profession as an exciting and rewarding career path. The candidates on the series are the finalists following a nationwide search for promising and ambitious young brokers.

Broker Apprentice Episode 1 Broker Apprentice Episode 2 Broker Apprentice Episode 3 Broker Apprentice Episode 4 Broker Apprentice Episode 5 Broker Apprentice Episode 6 The Final Winners Blog

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