Liability Insurance

Whether you are looking for public liability insurance, employers liability insurance or both; we have a policy that is right for you. We offer comprehensive cover at great rates for all trades and business types.

Liability Insurance

There's no substitute for taking the greatest care of the people and property your business comes into contact with. But if a claim for damages is made against your business by a member of the public, Public liability insurance gives you the peace of mind and protection you need.


Why your business may need public liability insurance


You have visitors coming into your workplace – whether it's your home, your office or a site where you are working.


Your business takes you to other people's property – a public liability claim could be made against any member of your business if they accidentally cause damage to anything which doesn't belong to your business.


Anybody working for your business or the work your business carries out puts any other person at risk of injury.


Nowadays even minor injuries and property damage can lead to major compensation charges. Where there's blame, they say, there's a claim. If one's ever made against your business by a third party, we can cover your legal liability up to the cover levels you choose.


Employers' liability insurance is a legal requirement for any company with employees. 


It is a legal requirement if you have one or more employees – including any full time or part time workers, voluntary employees, contractors and sub-contractors or non-contract staff.

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